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Lincense # 3127 – Order of Portuguese Psychologists

Dr. Susana Ribeiro Pereira

Get in touch with me. Your happiness, well-being and personal growth are important to me!…

I am here to help you achieve your life goals and a healthy mind, in an atmosphere of acceptance, understanding, and hope.

I can also help you to better manage and overcome your emotional suffering, namely stress, depression, shame, anxiety, fears, dependencies, obsessions, and traumas, through the understanding of the underlying causes of your psychological concerns.

Beyond my clinical and educational skills, my work is characterized by empathy, compassion and trust.

PsyCoaching Digital Clinic: Online Meeting

Whenever face-to-face involvement is not possible, vídeo call or digital platform consultations can be a good alternative to address psychological issues, such as during the situation of social isolation due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

PsyCoaching Clinic Funchal: In-Person Meeting

A space for healing and emotional growth…

Beyond specialized psychological approaches, PsyCoaching Clinic provides a tranquil and curative environment to help you heal your emotional wounds, accomplish your dreams and find paths of autonomy and inner freedom.

Rua do Ornelas 1, 6º G (Edifício Insular)
9060-208 Funchal

Scheduling your Appointment

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